Year Two (112) – Studio Shoot about working with models

Sometimes it is great working with other photographers and some times it is a challenge,  … the evening brief was “a night with models in the studio, how to place,communicate and work with models. Cameras will be required and they will be available to photograph during the second half of the evening” Continue reading

Year Two (88) – Motorbikes

Another opportunity to photograph bikes with the Old Bakery photography group – I say another opportunity as one of the first sessions I attended and blogged about was a motorbike shoot – you can revisit it here – memories from September 2015.

Year Two (51) – Lauren

Off to the Old Bakery last night and the theme was dancing – we had two dancers turn up, but I focused on only one of them – Lauren. I picked her up before the shoot, and discovered she had never had her photo taken as a dancer / model and she was a little nervous… I told her that the group of photographers were equally nervous… and they she was in charge…

Photography and Dance is fun – the perfect facebook splat!

L Continue reading

Year Two (21)- Creative Advert Challenge

This week a challenge was posted on the Old Bakery photo group forum to find an advert online and then recreate in the studio with the help of free stock images, a little imagination and lots of enthusiasm. There was lots of discussion online but three of the images that were chosen for the evening were there:

Images found online that we hope to inspire us.
The first idea that I tackled was the Ice Truck – Continue reading

Year 2 (07) Live Bands

Old Bakery studio and a new challenge – a new venue, limited time, group shots and having to use flash… and a group of photographers who also want to get the shot! The aim of the evening’s activity was to capture some bands in a music studio – either posing for shots as a group or during their rehearsals. Continue reading

Year Two (03) – Studio Creatures

I was back at the Old Bakery photostudio this week with the chance to photograph some stick insects, millipedes, scorpion and giant spider, it was a great evening, but this time I felt much more in control. Continue reading

Day 353 – Studio Visit

My last studio sessions for 2015 – Old Bakery – and the idea was pets and mayhem … who ever said you should never work with pets .. it was an interesting evening – the animals were well under control, but there was lots of things to learn and to take forward from the session.

Working with a model on a table top you had to work quickly, the lights had to be prepared before the model was put in the scene, the treats had to be worthy and you had to be able to get the pets attention.

Christmas Puppy - 1/250 sec, ISO200, f9
Christmas Puppy – 1/250 sec, ISO200, f9

The pets preferred to be looking at their owners than the photographer… so that had to be considered, and it was of course essential to make sure the dog looked his best and did not jump off the table.

Christmas Puppy - 1/250 sec, ISO200, f9
Christmas Puppy – 1/250 sec, ISO200, f9

Some dogs liked to be rewarded with treats, others were not interested in treats at all – to be honest this young lady was an experience model and to be honest new exactly what she was doing… she was not dressed for the shoot….

Sometimes being a photographers dog is boring... - 1/250 sec, ISO200, f5.6
Sometimes being a photographers dog is boring… – 1/250 sec, ISO200, f5.6

Add some antlers and she was ready … the snowman helps with the sense of scale to the picture – a perfect Christmas card image for the owner to send out.

ISO200, 1/200sec, F6.3
ISO200, 1/200sec, F6.3

With animals in the studio you had to work fast so that they did not get away, they lost interest quickly and needed regular breaks,  and you had to be aware of the lights and the cameras – so that nothing got trodden on or knocked over…

There was only one animal that wee’d and poo’d on the studio floor – a hazard of working with pets and that was surprising the tortoise … once he had relaxed he did move relatively quickly, and although I felt lacked facial character, I was pleased to be able to capture him with a shadow under his shell … so that there is a sense of movement.

ISo200, F4.5, 1/100sec
ISo200, F4.5, 1/100sec

Pets and their owners

For me … I was looking for images that told a story and I wanted to capture the owner and their pet. I ended up with shoots of people’s legs … a different challenge and I kind of think they are quite fun and reflective each other…

Note the brown shoes co-ordinate really well here and the interaction between the pet and the owner.

Girl and her dog - ISO400, F4.5, 1/250sec
Girl and her dog – ISO400, F4.5, 1/250sec

You can imagine the eye contact between the adult and the dog, this time the jeans are darker – so is the dog… and the black collar on the dog copies the black straps the owner has dangling down.

Man and his dog - ISO400, F4.5, 1/250sec
Man and his dog – ISO400, F4.5, 1/250sec

Another dog, another owner – the old worn shoes on this own and the saggy looking jeans, reflect the saggy skin almost worn skin of Humphrey. I deliberately shot this one on the diagonals, as that was the only way from the angle I was shooting get clean space between the dog and the owner.

Man and Hound - ISO400, F6.3, ISO400
Man and Hound – ISO400, F6.3, ISO400

Day 344 – Studio Light Training Day

I really want to master lighting and when I saw two fast track flashlight days recently advertised by my local camera club and an online photography group – I decided it was time to invest in this area of my photography, so I booked onto Appleton Photo training Workshops – Mastering Speedlights and Speedlight Studio sessions.

It was brilliant – a lot of the photographers there were professionals, Continue reading

Day 334 – A opportunity to see a photographer at work

I spent an amazing day in a photo studio with 2 members of my local camera club watching them work. I wanted to learn more about lighting and using a studio, and they kindly offered me the opportunity to come along, watch what goes into the starting blocks of creating their award winning images, they put together – they are not just photographers, they are contemporary artists and an amazing amount of thought and creativity goes into the images they put together.

Their photos are amazing – and award winning – they recently got presented with a Photographic Society of American Best of Show Gold Award in the Bregenz salon in Austria – and all their portrait shots tell a story. Please visit their web site – Quality Pixels or follow them of Qualify Pixels Photography on facebook to see some of their stunning work.

The studio space with a grey background
The studio space with a grey background

Continue reading