Year Two (66) – Silhouettes

Underexposing in the camera can make some great silhouette style images which can tell their own story, the ideal time is at dusk so you can capture the vibrant colours of the sunset.

My daughter and the photo buddy

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Year Two (19) Coastal Sunsets

It was great to see Gavin Hoey share a video last weekend on creating sunsets in my home town – although the day he visited the sunset was somewhat lacking … but he offered a great reminder of how you can enhance them in Lightroom.

Gavin’s video in here: Gavin Hoey Sunset Video

All these images were captured the same evening….

Sunset at Highcliffe
Sunset at Highcliffe

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Year Two (01) – Lovely Light at the Beach

I missed blogging, I have not yet made it to the end of day 5 but I miss the purpose it brings to my photography… I like not having to take a photo, and not having to explain why I choose to share or experiment in that way… and out on the beach today I found myself thinking what great light… I want to share it …

So this is the first of my year two posts… I have signed up for Emma’s new challenge – #AYearWithMyCamera, which will no doubt be influencing some of my images… and I have started playing with some of the new equipment I got for Christmas … I have had a tidy up of the blog and I am just going to see how it goes.

I have a freshly calibrated and better monitor (discovered hubby’s was better quality than mine so swapped!) for editing… and I am all set for 2016.

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Day 356 – The best camera ever

When I started my journey this year I thought getting a better camera would make me a better photographer… I never imagined what I could learn along the way, I wanted to recreate images that I had seen other people take so assumed I needed to know what camera they used what lens they had, what their shutter sped, ISO and aperture were and with the right ingredients I too could achieve that amazing image.

What is the best camera ever?

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Day 314 – Early Mornings

I am not an early morning person… but life circumstances mean that to get outdoor images I need to be up and about early otherwise I cant get outdoor photos … this mornings early meant sunrise – and it is well worth getting up early for.

24-70 lens, ISO4000, F11, 1/80sec
24-70 lens, ISO4000, F11, 1/80sec

This is the view over the church yard with the light reflecting of the church roof, to get a good depth of field, i had to use a high iso as with dogs pulling I has to choose a quick shutter speed, Quality is fine for online though.

24-70 lens, ISO500, F5, 1/125sec
24-70 lens, ISO500, F5, 1/125sec

I dialed down the exposure to darken the shadows, reduced the ISO and captured the colour of the morning with an interesting silhouette, although I feel it is missing the story of the earlier image.

24-70 lens, ISO2500, F11, 1/200sec
24-70 lens, ISO2500, F11, 1/200sec

Half an hour later and the light has changed significantly – I am using a “sunny” white balance to bring out the orange colours, but the features of the landscape are now clearly visible and the light is changing rapidly. I miss some beautiful starts to the day by not being a morning person.

Day 306 – Open spaces and evening light

After exploring the sights of London it was great to come home and to enjoy the open spaces of home. I could not imagine waking up in a city every morning and not enjoying the stunning stretching views that the coast has to offer. Yesterday evening was a Spring Tide which meant that the tide was super low, which meant that the mud was able to offer some great reflections and interesting patterns.

One of the photo buddies and I took a walk in the afternoon … the sun is setting earlier, so it is a question of making the most of the evening light.

Sparky - ISO800, F13, 1/125secs
Sparky – ISO800, F13, 1/125secs

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Day 277 – Both ends of the day

Today I got to take photos of both ends of the day – morning light (sunrise – well almost) and sunset. All these photos were taken within 20 minutes off my home – and I am so luck I get to live in such a wonderful place …. so many people don;t appreciate their local area, I am honored to share mine.

Morning Light - ISo100, F3.2, 1/40 sec
Morning Light – ISo100, F3.2, 1/40 sec
ISO100, F3.2, 1/30 sec
ISO100, F3.2, 1/30 sec

The above two shots were taken at almost the same spot – it is amazing to see how much difference taking one small step sideways effects the light shining into the camera. I prefer the 2nd shot as it shows the warmth of the early morning sun and it is what drew me to capture the moment in the first place.

ISO2000, f10, 1/100Ssec
ISO2000, f10, 1/100 sec

The low position of the sun create some lovely vibrant colours on the damp leaves and I was lucky enough to capture a wild deer – I only had a 17-70mm lens on me, so I took the shot and have cropped in closer to create the image that I wanted.

At the other end of the day I went to the coast and captured the sun settings – hand holding so I kept the ISO high and a shallow depth of field – I did not want to capture the details more the silhouette of the landscape and the colours of the sky.

ISO800, F7.1, 1/10sec
ISO800, F7.1, 1/10sec

It is amazing how quickly the light drops and how soon it disappears … but I loved this silhouette against the evening sky.

ISO1600, F4.5, 1/15sec
ISO1600, F4.5, 1/15sec

Day 264 – Taking pictures or making pictures

I had a lovely afternoon at the weekend talking with a good friend – we did a photography course together and from there have been inspired to take different journeys into the world of photography – I have improved my photo skills through talks, workshops, online learning and challenging myself – she is opted for formal learning first an AS-Level in photography and now amazing she is about to do a degree. She is interested in the story behind the photo – the reason the artist created that shot, although she does not believe necessarily it was the right way to create the image and her onward journey – she is going to be starting a blog and I cant wait to learn from her discoveries… Continue reading

Day 256 – Evening Light

I went back to visit Hatchet Moor as the sunset and into blue hour, with my tripod and my 17-70mm lens. It was a lovely quiet evening, apart from the road noise, the sun set quickly and I was able to capture these special moments.

Golden Hours - F3.2, ISO2000, 1/8000 sec
Golden Hours – F3.2, ISO2000, 1/8000 sec

Above – a swan at sunset. I quickly choose to increase the ISO and decrease the aperture so that I could capture as much light as possible whilst freezing the motion of the swan.

Whereas below was taken a few moments later with a longer exposure, narrower aperture and ISO100, to create the sharpest shot possible – the sun is slightly too high and has starbursted onto the horizon – due to the aperture settings.  However the sky was bland for an evening sunset photo – there should have been more clouds to interest … which means for me – the swan shot works better… as it has added interest.

ISO100, F22, 1/20sec
ISO100, F22, 1/20sec

As the sun dipped – the swans came back into shot, so I risked taking the image again only changing the aperture –  I think it is a lovely atmospheric image – I just wish the swans were separated in the image, as it would have given it more definition I think!

Sunset - F2.8, 1/1600 sec, ISO100
Sunset – F2.8, 1/1600 sec, ISO100

After Sunset comes Blue Hour – the light changes significantly before it gets dark – here you can see one of the Photo Buddies enjoy a last minute paddle in the last of the evening light, and the clouds began to arrive making the sky much more interesting to photograph.

Blue Hour - ISO800, F3.2, 1/1000sec
Blue Hour – ISO800, F3.2, 1/1000sec

The evenings are getting earlier… and the mornings are getting later – I am beginning to realise that this is the time of year I enjoy photographing in the Golden and Blue Hours… as they are now more sociable times!