April Highlights

April – the fourth month of the year is now over and who would have guessed that I would still be taking photos and writing about it … I have now blogged for 120 days and I have discovered so much:

  • I like to photograph things I like – landscapes, nature, plants
  • I like to capture things that have meaning to me – my dinner, my knitting, my flowers…
  • I like to experiment and try new things
  • I like sunset photos and long exposures
  • I love talking to new mums and photographing babies… I am going to continue with this….
  • I love visiting properties and taken interior shots
  • I am amazed at how quickly seasons and children change… moments are captured and then disappear, I see so much now I think with my camera, and there is just not enough time to capture every moment.
  • I have no plan in the direction of this blog but I am influenced by the photos of others on the various facebook feeds and blogs I follow and they inspire me to keep capturing my year.

I would love to say thank you if you have signed up to follow my blog, it makes such a difference knowing someone is reading (although my spelling & grammar is awful), your comments & likes are appreciated and I hope you enjoy seeing how I develop. I feel I have already improved since January and I know now I want to continue creating pictures.