December Highlights

December- twelve months done!

Happy New Year … this is the last post for now… my 365 is done! I am going to keep taking photos though … but a different project … I will no longer be posting everyday … just sometimes as I continue to share my images.

I just loved this Christmas message from one of the camera groups I am involved in….

“We had a good 2015 lets make it an even better 2016, Thanks for all your support especially Sue for the cakes, secretaryship and support,( is that a real word even)Tim for the tutoring,John for his knowledge in lighting and Helen for being,well Helen and showing us all what enthusiasm really means. You are all a great bunch of extremely professional and fun photographers and in 2016 we will all go up several levels of that I am sure. “

I hope I can continue being me in 2016 … and that I can keep the enthusiasm flowing!

One thought on “December Highlights

  1. Happy New Year! As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! I hope you have an awesome 2016, and I’m looking forward to your next project. Please keep up the beautiful work!


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