Year Two (136) -Lens flare and back lighting

I had the opportunity to photography Rachel and Caine doing a Duet, I had more control over my lighting but not the location, they were in a corner, relatively close to a white painted wall with kitchen units nearby.

The photos on the whole are too high key for my taste, I would have liked more space between them and the wall to achieve a darker background, but the Duet could not be moved. With my off camera flash I choose to position it behind the singer and angle it straight into my lens to get some lens flare… I also softened the contrast in the end photo to create a dreamy look.

Rachel & Caine 6
Lens flare

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Year Two (135) – Band Lighting

Watching a live gig is an amazing experience, you can see the talent of the musicians, enjoy their music, appreciate the work that goes into creating the set and the lighting that makes the ambience of the event so special.  The skill for the photographer as an event like this is to be in the right location to get the shots, to work with the lighting and to shot images understanding high ISO, back lighting, positioning and more… as you cant use flash photography in those situations.

Recently I got to photograph a band in a studio environment, I had ideas to use gel lighting to create an atmospheric background and was hoping to create some unique looks but it was impossible… Continue reading

Year two (10) – Live Bands

I was asked to shoot a promotional video for a fantastic up and coming band for them to send off to Jooles Holland – and had a fantastic evening with both my DSLR camera’s – one set up for still images and the other for video. The sound track was to be added later in full stereo from the mixing desk!

Coldplace live at Mrkyps
Live Music photography and video

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Year 2 (07) Live Bands

Old Bakery studio and a new challenge – a new venue, limited time, group shots and having to use flash… and a group of photographers who also want to get the shot! The aim of the evening’s activity was to capture some bands in a music studio – either posing for shots as a group or during their rehearsals. Continue reading