June Highlights

Still here… 6 months into my Photo Challenge and I am delighted to still be taking pictures, trying new things, experimenting, repeating ideas and finding out what I like … but I also feel I am finding out where my gapping holes are … I need to

  • Think about my ISO, shutter and aperture triangle more…
  • Think about exposure and the white balance more and use my grey card properly.
  • Think about Light and Understand it more.
  • Continue learning Lightroom

Hopefully some of the ideas will be reflected in the forth coming images … and although I am going to read up more… I am going to do more practical experiments as after all….

Photography is not about having the most cameras, that only shows you’ve got plenty to spend. Photography is not about collecting photobooks, that only shows you appreciate art. Photography is about making photographs, that’s when you are a photographer.