Year Two (104) – Wedding Details

It is also a great pleasure to photograph a wedding, but what makes a wedding special and unique to the couple in my opinion are the little details that they have created to make their day their own, and it is essential as a photographer to capture some of those movements, some of those looks and that says they are in love.

For me the most essential skills that a wedding photographer needs are: Continue reading

Year Two (103) – The ring shot

I wanted to work our how to take an iconic shot of a wedding ring, that makes a heart … so it was time to take a few moments to experiment. I used a bible, the flashlight on my i phone, I wanted to be able to recreate it in any situation… so it had to be things I had to hand as wedding rings are very important. Continue reading

Day 329 – Commercial Shoot

The other day I was working alongside local New Forest make up artist Louise Audrey with the idea that I would capture her at work – and she made up a stunning model. Continue reading

Day 292 – The Wedding Recepetion

Until you have photographed your first wedding as the official photographer you can not appreciate the work that goes into creating the right image of the clients special day.  The aim of my shoot was to provide the client with a variety of print ready files for them to take to the printers and for a selection of web files – that would be watermarked that they could share online as soon as possible after the day itself – I am pleased to say they were live on Saturday …. but it is exhausting.

I can fully appreciate the work the photographer puts into the wedding…. but I can’t wait to do another one.

The reception was at two venues – the lighting was awful, disco lights but they wanted the moment captured where the balloon popped during their first dance, more group photos – but the walls and ceiling was dark and the lights uncontrollable but I wanted to capture the emotion, the feeling of the event, the fun and vibrancy of all the red colours…

I was in manual for the disco using bounced flash and experimenting – lucky there was more time … the formal shots are formal…. exactly what the bride requested but I love just capturing the moments, the sneaky peak of the Saints shirt under their smart tops, the details on the decorations, the characters and the natural smiles.

I think I did a great job…. I fully appreciate the work that goes into creating a wedding and I can’t wait for next paid wedding… in the mean time I would love to know what you think….

You can view the gallery of images online.

Day 291 – The Wedding

When I started blogging a year ago I never thought I would have the opportunity to photograph a wedding, and let alone be the only photographer there – but I did. I attended Emma and Dean’s wedding on Friday, and will be sharing the photos today and tomorrow on my blog.

What an amazing experience! Continue reading